Message Vault Achieves Cisco Interoperability Verification

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Blacksburg, VA – 8.20.2013 – Donoma Software today announced that its Message Vault, 3.2 has successfully completed interoperability verification testing* with Cisco Unity Connection 9.1(

Message Vault provides voice mail archiving for the Cisco Unity Connection platform.  It enables secure, accountable policy-driven record retention of voice mail, along with the ability to search, filter, restore and report on those records.  Additionally, this solution enables the tracking of voice mails to address common customer service issues.  Administrators can quickly locate voice mails and track their status and location in the event of customer complaints as well as discovery and hold requests.

According to Parker Pearson, Vice President at Donoma Software, “So many organizations don’t realize that their voice records are subject to discovery orders or compliance documentation.  Now Cisco customers can easily close their risk exposure gap and reduce storage requirements by archiving with Message Vault.”

Anita Robarge, CFO of Humphrey, Stump & Haynie, sees Message Vault as both compliance safety-net and a customer service management tool.  She stated that “knowing that Message Vault is running on our phone system gives me peace of mind.  I like that!”

The Cisco Developer Network unites Cisco with third-party developers of hardware and software to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers, harnessing the power and intelligence of the network.  As a Solution Developer, Donoma Software shares Cisco’s strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction, has completed interoperability verification testing based on criteria set forth by Cisco, and can provide its customers with 24 hour, 7 days a week customer support.

With offerings such as Message Vault 3.2, customers can more quickly deploy a broad range of Cisco compatible business applications, devices, or services that can enhance the capabilities, performance, and management of the Cisco network.  For more information on Message Vault 3.2 interoperability with Cisco Unity Connection 9.1 go to:

About Donoma Software:
Donoma Software specializes in communications solutions for productivity, compliance and cost-effective manageability.  Our products are used around the world to help people be more productive, reduce risk and provide a higher level of communications responsiveness.

* Interoperability testing is designed to simulate typical customer configurations, and does not replace the need for on-site testing in conjunction with actual implementation.

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