Message Vault Latest Release brings more integration & compliance features

If you run a Cisco phone system, you know Message Vault delivers secure policy-driven archiving for your communications records to comply with increasing litigation holds and regulatory compliance requirements.  

Today we are announcing our latest release that adds these exciting new features:

•  Integration into Cisco Jabber  For organizations who allow it, users can now access their own message archives from Cisco Jabber as well as the web. Now IT can let end users find & restore their own messages – anytime.

•  APIs available for additional integrations Want to integrate Message Vault’s archive with your existing records management system?  Our API set is now available to help you.

•  Advanced group policy management provided through configurable roles and permissions needed by compliance management personnel & policies.

Ready to learn more?  Contact your local Cisco reseller or contact us today 

For our existing Message Vault clients, this update is available today, under your Enhanced Support.  Just contact Support to schedule your free update!

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