StoneScribe’s Spring ’19 Release: You Asked, We’re Delivering

StoneScribe’s Spring 19 Release Heralds Big Changes

Seven years ago, Donoma Software released our first version of StoneScribe to address the very real gap we saw in the market for secure retention of Cisco Jabber XMPP data. Based on our prior experience building solutions to retain voicemail data, we saw a need not to just fill a niche gap, but to build a more agile retention platform. One that could be both secure and easy to use, by people outside of IT. We saw the opportunity to make the data more useful throughout an organization. So, we focused. Refined our architecture. Listened to the challenges of our clients. Embraced cloud and host of new security needs.

With our latest release, we take all that we have learned and we’re ready to deliver what the market has asked for:  StoneScribe’s ability, security and agility with more integration.

Innovation: with a Link to Legacy

With this newest release, we are opening up StoneScribe to deliver on this vision. We are embracing communication streams beyond Cisco Jabber. All while making it easy to integrate with legacy data repositories.

Want to learn more?  Join us Thursday, May 9th at 2 PM Eastern when we’ll discuss what makes this release so powerful and where we plan to go from here.

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