Speech2Txt Now Available in Unify for Gmail 8.8


Unify for Gmail’s 8.8 release is now available!  This release is all about our newest feature: Speech2Txt(TM) and Speech2Txt+.

What is Speech2Txt? Now U C it! 😉

Speech2Txt adds a text transcription of your voicemail message delivered to your Gmail inbox. Now you see your voicemail, even before you listen to it!

Don’t you hate seeing a voicemail arrive when you can’t listen, and not know what the message is about?

You recognize the caller, you may even be expecting time sensitive information from them.  Or it may be something that can be addressed later.  Who knows?

Now you can discretely preview your voicemails to know for sure.

Special Launch Offer: Get it for Free

All clients currently running Unify for Gmail as a cloud subscription are eligible to receive Speech2Txt for the rest of their subscription’s term.

All new clients purchasing Unify for Gmail as a cloud subscription can get Speech2Txt add on at no charge for the first year of their subscription purchase.  

Current client upgrade requests must be made to support@donomasoftware.com by September 30, 2019. All new purchases must be made by October 31, 2019.

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How Does it Work?

Speech2Txt is an AI-powered transcription service.  It brings the functionality you likely already enjoy as part of your cellphone service to your corporate voicemail.  We’re giving your Cisco voice platform even more value!

As soon as a voicemail is recorded, it is transcribed in seconds. Your familiar email-powered voicemail arrives with the associated transcription within seconds.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Speech2Txt offers transcription on the first 30 seconds of each voicemail.  For those needing up to 5 minutes of transcription per message, we also offer Speech2Txt+.
  • Speech2Txt is an optional add on for Unify for Gmail.  We suspect everyone will want it, but we are providing flexibility for those who don’t want this option, or are running an unsupported version of Unify for Gmail.

More Languages & Idea Sharing!

Speech2Txt is currently offering English-only transcriptions in this release, but we are already planning options for additional languages in the near future.  We want your input on which languages to prioritize!


We’ll share the results on our social media pages, along with fun use-case challenges and discussion.  To join in, connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn and use the hashtag #speech2txt

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We mention unsupported versions of Unify for Gmail.  By this we currently mean Speech2Txt is available for those running our cloud subscription version of Unify for Gmail.  Given the price changes on the horizon for our on-premise version of Unify for Gmail, now might be the perfect time to migrate to the cloud subscription.

Now’s the time to start seeing even more productivity from your unified messaging!  

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