Donoma OneView 3.8: Latest Release Adds Call Center & Enterprise Features

Donoma OneView 3.8 is now available and we’re excited to see how the platform is making data analytics accessible and useful for line of business managers as well as IT staff.  This release expands the power of our easy to use interface to incorporate more advanced capabilities including UCCX Call Center integration and support for tracking analytics across a geo-diverse enterprise.

Built to Provide Visibility for Executives

OneView was built first to solve a business insight problem posed by a frustrated CEO.  He’d invested in a business development strategy that just was not producing results.  He wanted to be able to quickly look into data he knew his Cisco communications platform was generating to independently assess the situation with impartial data.  The CEO wanted to see if the call volumes being reported matched up with actual activity.

Gaining insight into hard data on activity volume and utilization of expensive headcount was not possible in any meaningful format.  Nor was he comfortable involving IT personnel in pulling data for a strategic analysis that might have personnel performance implications.

The CEO knew that Donoma’s archiving & retention products made it very easy to find communications data.  Could Donoma’s intuitive search and filter interface be applied to a different type of communication record to solve his problem?

The answer was yes, and OneView was born.

Operationally Focused…

OneView is unique in its ability to provide insight for two very different audiences. It’s ease of use is perfect for the operational managers. That same ease of use helps IT with alerts, trunk line optimization and very fast access to performance data for any call.

Before OneView, if a business manager wanted to gain insight related to communications, they could not get it themselves. They had to explain what they wanted to IT and wait for results. What data could be pulled was expensive to extract, with very raw output with no context. IT understands the voice platform and its technical intricacies. Understanding a manager’s views, objectives and needs is not their area of expertise. Not an ideal scenario for agile decision making.

With OneView, managers and analysts can customize reports and views for their department or line of business. OneView’s intuitive interface makes it easy to produce insight where and when it is needed.

…With Powerful Functionality for IT

OneView continues to have a great deal to offer for IT too. OneView makes it easy to drill down into call performance data to identify technical issues. The speed and ease of accessing call detail has saved clients time and money. Problems with calls can be easily traced and diagnosed. No more guesswork. If there’s a problem with either side of a call, it is clearly evident in OneView which side of the call is having the issues.

Many organizations find particular value with OneView’s ability to optimize data-line usage versus data line provisioning. OneView layers real time call volume data against trunk line provisioning levels. It’s a powerful tool for right-sizing communication line purchases. Organizations have instant ROI on their OneView subscription on this feature alone.

3.8 Release: Expanded Insight + Call Center Data Integration

Donoma OneView 3.8 now integrates insight from your Cisco UCCX call center. Feedback told us that people want to integrate data from both platforms. From one console, all call activity is accessible. Now it’s easy to select and integrate all types of call data into dashboards, views and reports. The report library and the ability to automate report creation and delivery, makes analysis flexible and easy.

Insight across locations, time-zones, and clusters

Turning communications activity into actionable data visualizations is what makes OneView unique. The call flow animations in particular have made it easy to see real time activity by person, team or conference line but all the associated call quality data. Now, in this release, OneView is delivering Enterprise level call analytics. For organizations with calls that flow across locations, insight continues seamlessly. OneView tracks call flows across a geo-diverse enterprise that may be processing thousands of calls per day.

OneView continues to innovate to help your team make better decisions, faster.

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