FlxStore™ Hybrid Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)
A Better Backup for Business Continuity

BaaS for Today's Business Continuity Challenges

Relying on an outdated backup solution can be terminal to your organization. You need a BaaS solution built for today’s data protection challenges.  One that ensures fast recovery that doesn’t rely on just one storage medium or location.

FlxStore™ BaaS securely protects your data in multiple locations with the fastest Return to Operation statistics in the industry. You get complete protection and Veeam’s industry-leading features so affordable you can backup servers and user drives. One copy of your backup remains on site within an evergreen appliance: plus, another copy is retained in geo-diverse locations managed by our strategic partnership with Brush Mountain Data Centers.

FLxStore offers cost effective hybrid-cloud data protection integrated with industry-leading Veeam technology. One copy of your data is retained on your company’s site like a traditional backup system – but this one comes included with your subscription. Then a secondary copy is automatically replicated to the cloud for geo-diverse protection.

With FLxStore Baas, you get the best of all the options:

  • a local backup appliance that provides speedy access to backups for ad-hoc restoration requests,
  • an evergreen backup appliance provided as part of your subscription at no additional change,
  • an air-gapped automated cloud backup for additional security in the event that your local systems are compromised or have an outage event, and
  • Veeam technology at a fractional cost.

FLxStore’s BaaS ensures you are proactively prepared for data loss threats,  while also providing cost savings & maintenance free equipment. If you just need geo-diverse data replication, it can integrate with existing enterprise data protection systems. No matter which configuration you choose, you get the fastest Return to Operations metrics in the industry, geo-diversity and complete control.

Data backup built for today's business continuity challenges.

  • Decrease Cost & Complexity

Reduce cost and overhead with a predictable monthly expense. No need to manage cumbersome tape rotations. We maintain the onsite backup equipment all in one price.

  • Reduce Risk

Your data is both protected and accessible. Our geo-diverse Brush Mountain Data Centers  gives you an extra layer of protection in the event your on-premises systems are compromised or suffer a failure.

  • Support & Maintenance Included

FLxStore provides peace of mind.  Your monthly service includes an entire team of experts, an evergreen on-site storage appliance.  You get fast, flexible file restoration and control, without the hardware costs other services add on.

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