Donoma MediaScribe

Cisco MediaSense Call Center Records Retention & Management

MediaScribe provides secure, policy-driven archiving & records management of Cisco MediaSense call recordings. A must for regulatory compliance, Litigation support, quality management, service optimization and employee training.

Key Features:

  • Retention of both MediaSense audio and two way video – with seamless recall & replay.
  • Retains messages immediately, regardless of end user action.
  • Policy driven message retention: great for training records, litigation holds.
  • Flexible & powerful record search capabilities. Easily filter, sort & preview messages.
  • Tagging features for easy record grouping, recall, replay, sharing or reporting.
  • Leverages Cisco settings to manage retention groups & policies.
  • Audio redaction.
  • Secure delete of archive recordings. (DoD Compliance-level record shredding)
  • Option: End-user message search & replay (only).
  • API for expanded integration options.
  • Data storage management features make data storage management easy & efficient.
  • Complete audit trail activity reporting with compliance style administrator roles.
  • Database management features to ensure ease of support, efficiency & performance.
  • Auto-check ensures all messages archived, even after a system outage.