Donoma Message Vault: Voicemail Archiving in Government

In late 2006, the Supreme Court of the United States revised the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to specifically include electronically stored information, including text and voice records, in discovery. Voicemail, thus, became a discoverable record. Since this revision to the Rules, Courts have held that once a party anticipates litigation, it must ensure the preservation of relevant electronically stored information. Additionally, the records should be maintained in their original format. Accidental deletion, misplacement, or any inability to locate data could even result in sanctions. (reference link – Rule 37(b)) Until now, being able to find and produce voicemail records has been extremely difficult.

In the U.S. – Federal, State and local government organizations are subject to a wide range of record retention requirements, including OSHA, EEOC and FOIA. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly necessary to be able to quickly find, track, share and produce relevant messages to assist in managing day to day operations.  Emergency response and police personnel often rely heavily on voice records, as do the multitude of public agencies and entities who support and serve the public.

How Message Vault Helps Government Organizations:

Compliance:  Voicemail records are archived in real time based on user profiles.  Regardless of the end user’s activity, Message Vault archives and curates data for the designated time period.

Eliminates record-spoilage: Message Vault is a self contained system and preserves messages in their original format.  Thus records are not subject to charges of “contamination” which can be claimed when records move between systems.

Responsive service: Message Vault quickly locates specific messages and provides the messages for download, restoration or reporting. Because it can find records so quickly, valuable manpower is saved and expense radically reduced.

Reduced storage and hardware costs associated with archiving: Public budgets are being cut for both hardware and IT staffing.  Because Message Vault archives voice records so efficiently, it requires less hardware and  management.

Accountability: The ability to find messages and quickly respond to requests (or accusations) empowers an organization with  information.  Be able to quickly ascertain what calls arrived, to whom, from whom, what was said, and the status of the message.

Security: Message Vault’s multi-level administration roles and full activity tracking ensures that there is complete audit trail reporting.

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