Donoma StoneScribe

Archiving & Compliance for Today’s Communications

Donoma StoneScribe

"..price was a major contributing factor as to why we decided on StoneScribe, as was the ease of use for our Compliance Department who want to be able to pull records themselves as needed."

A. Bell, First NZ Capital Vice President, Systems Engineering StoneScribe

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Secure Retention with Intelligent Usability

Donoma StoneScribe delivers policy-driven archiving, monitoring and managing of today’s complex electronic communications data. 

Behind the intuitive interface lies a high-performance system that delivers rapid search, frictionless compliance analysis, legal hold management, e-discovery and more. 

  • Keyword SmartActionsTM provide rapid insight. 
  • Workflows and tagging features make communications actionable with less time and effort. 
  • Quickly locate records from one intuitive interface. 
  • See complete conversations in context, including shared files.  
  • Secure, effective retention built for today’s agile environment.

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Secure Retention

StoneScribe provides a sophisticated communications archiving framework allowing organizations to define rules for data retention, insight, secure access control and lifecycle management of communication records.  It is as secure as it is easy to use. Data is retained in real-time, complete with context and attachments.

Enhanced Security & Data Integrity

StoneScribe ensures that your data is always protected, and that your organization effectively mitigates risk, while meeting the highest standards defined by industry regulations and corporate policies. 

Continuous Innovation & Integration

StoneScribe now integrates with legacy data retention platforms, and have moved beyond retention of just Cisco XMPP data to support a rapidly expanding option of electronic communications data.

Common Drivers for StoneScribe:

  • Meet compliance requirements of FINRA, SEC, HIPAA & more.
  • Address common Legal needs for Litigation holds & e-Discovery. 
  • Manage risk and liability.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • Gain operational insight.
  • Employee performance improvement.

Compliance & Information Governance Teams Benefit From:

  • Policy-driven message retention & management.
  • Multi-level compliance roles for data security.
  • Intuitive interface makes search and workflows easy.
  • Retention capabilities include file attachments. (Message File Transfer)
  • Complete audit trail activity reporting.
  • Secure destruction of expired records.

Gain Productivity & Organizational Insight:

  • Smart Keyword Actions provide alerts, tracking and tagging.
  • Great for organizational insight, analytics &  training.
  • Retains conversations regardless of end user endpoint.