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Unified Messaging for True Productivity

Unified Messaging That Really Works

"I love having a unified messaging that actually works.  We moved over from another solution that had just too many support challenges.  Unify for Gmail has been low maintenance since day 1; and now my end users are happy.  I appreciate not having any more complaints about unified messaging and can focus on other IT Continue Reading

K. Hawkins, City of Montrose IT Manager

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Today 9 out of 10 phone calls go to voicemail. Yet busy professionals cannot afford to let messages wait. You need your voicemail to be as convenient and timely as email – without any additional hassle.

There is a better solution.

Unify for Gmail synchronizes your Cisco voicemail with your Gmail inbox. The moment a message arrives, it’s immediately accessible, with notification and playback right within the email.

Even better, Unify updates systems automatically with every action.  Delete the message in one place and it cleans up everywhere, even updating the message waiting light on your office phone.

No more message clutter or confusion. Just great responsiveness that keeps you in touch no matter where your workday takes you.

Why Users Love Unify:

  • Centralized communications for productivity.
  • No message cleanup.
  • Real-time sync, including the phone indicator light.
  • Intuitive to use, works natively within their Gmail inbox.
  • Mobility made easy.

Why IT Chooses Unify:

  • Quick installation process, easy to support.
  • Responsive support.
  • No dedicated hardware required.
  • Supports Active Directory for streamlined account provisioning.
  • Multi-Domain Support. (under same G-Suite account)
  • Secure web-based administration.