Donoma Unify for Lotus Notes


Donoma Unify for Lotus Notes

Unifies Voicemail Within Familiar Notes Inbox

Donoma Unify for Notes delivers a seamless experience.  Voicemail now appears as an email.  No training is needed, employees open the email, listen to the message and take action. The status of the message is automatically updated with their desk phone and any other device where they may receive either voicemail or email.

Manage Messages More Effectively

Receive and organize voice messages via email, so all communications are accessible in one convenient application. You can automatically copy voice messages to your choice of Notes folders to give you more flexibility to handle them quickly and efficiently.  Scan, prioritize and respond to all your messages from your Lotus Notes in-box. A quick glance at your email shows  the message, CallerID and message review is immediate.

Minimal Administration Effort

Unify for Notes is easy to maintain & manage.  In fact Donoma maintenance & support provides not only patches and upgrades, but unlimited assistance if any support issues should arise.