Donoma Unify for GroupWise

Unified Messaging for Cisco.

Donoma Unify for GroupWise.

Unified Messaging
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“Unify brings voicemail into the 21st century. Now we wouldn’t think of doing without it.”

Who in your organization would benefit from being more productive and connected with all their communications? How about everyone?

Today’s highly mobile workforce can receive office voicemail from their Smart-phones and are no longer anchored to their desk phones. Customer Service reps can keep a single archive of voicemail and email. Sales professionals stay in touch even as they move from client to client. Teachers can stay in touch even when they are in the classroom. IT personnel can stay in touch even as they move throughout their support locations. Busy professionals are never out of touch. No matter what, with Donoma Unify for GroupWise, your entire team is connected — wherever they are.

It’s easy. Unify for GroupWise integrates your email and voicemail intuitively — so there’s no need for training. It works with your existing equipment, eliminating IT headaches.

And it’s affordable. You’ll start seeing the benefits right away — in your productivity and on your bottom line.

Unified Messaging: You’ll never know how you lived without it

Messages are auto-synchronized to all devices

With true unified messaging from Donoma Unify, users gain on average, a half an hour per day of productive work-time. That’s 10 HOURS per month! (Study performed by the Radacati Group, 2004)

That means our solution pays for itself in the very first month its installed. Because we also monitor & support the application for you, it also virtually eliminates any additional IT expense so you can start getting the benefits of one touch message management – all from the familiar interface of your email in-box.

Once users have Donoma Unify, they can’t imagine working without it. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive.

Easy To Use GroupWise Interface

Touch messages once and status is synchronized

You already know how easy Novell’s GroupWise is to use. Donoma Unify provides seamless integration with the GroupWise system you already know. Therefore, the need for additional training is eliminated. You can use the same rules and filters for all messages, regardless of type with no new interface to learn.


Manage Messages More Effectively

Scan, prioritize and respond to all your messages from your GroupWise inbox. A quick glance at your inbox can show you the Caller ID for each voice message – you don’t have to wade through your entire voice mail inbox to retrieve that one very important message. No more constant calls to your voice mail system to be sure you’ve heard every important message.

Organize voice messages the same way you do email, so all communication can be retrieved from a single location. You can automatically copy voice messages to your choice of GroupWise folders to give you more flexibility to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Makes Voicemail Archiving Easy

Many organizations don’t realize that voicemails are electronic records that must be archived for extended periods either for legal discovery, knowledge retention, or for regulatory compliance. Yet, 59% of organizations are either not currently archiving their voicemail, or are handling it on a completely manual basis*. (*source: Cohasset Associates, 2012)

Unify makes it so simple to archive voicemail.Because Unify integrates your voice messages with your email, now your voicemail can be automatically archived with your existing email archive solution. Your email archiving policies will ensure voice messages will be held and then destroyed according to your established retention policies and profiles. It couldn’t be easier!

Minimize Administration Effort

Simple streamlined message features

Novell is known for its easy administration and robust security performance. Get the flexibility of Unified Messaging combined with GroupWise’s well known metrics for stability, reliability and security.

Donoma Unify gives the benefits of Unified Messaging coordinated with your existing GroupWise installation. There is no need for re-training your support staff and embarking on frequent patch updates to keep your information systems secure.