Integrating Voicemail & Email for a Responsive Advantage

Donoma Unify provides a seamless integration between Novell GroupWise or IBM’s Lotus Notes and Cisco’s Unified Messaging system without requiring a change in email platform.

Voice messages are made accessible and manageable to the user, regardless of their method of message access, including telephone, PC softphone, email (online, remote and web access modes) as well as via appropriately equipped PDA’s. The message status (new vs. read) is synchronized regardless of where it is accessed so messages are handled once. Voice messages can also be combined with other electronic attachments including faxes, and forwarded to others via email.

By leveraging the email system, in-box rules can also be established to automatically route and further customize the management of voice and fax messages to other folders, or forward them to other mailboxes.

* Improve Responsiveness
* Manage Message More Effectively
* Minimize Administration Effort
* Easy To Use

Improve Responsiveness

At home, on the road or in your office, Donoma Unify helps you manage all of your messages using the tool of your choice; whether it is a telephone, PC softphone, cell phone, web access or a wireless PDA. Now you can share voice messages along with other attachments all as one communication to provide a more collaborative and informative way to share information from a variety of media possible with converged networking and IP Telephony. So you can access email, documents, faxes and voicemail messages from a single point from anywhere in the world

Easy To Use

You already know how easy Novell’s GroupWise is to use. Donoma Unify provides seamless integration with the GroupWise system your users already know. Therefore, the need for additional training is eliminated. You can use the same rules and filters for all messages, regardless of type with no new interface to learn.

Manage Messages More Effectively

Scan, prioritize and respond to all your messages from your GroupWise inbox. A quick glance at your inbox can show you the Caller ID for each voice message – you don’t have to wade through your entire voicemail inbox to retrieve that one very important message. No more constant calls to your voicemail system to be sure you’ve heard every important message. Organize voice messages the same way you do email, so all communication can be retrieved from a single location. You can automatically copy voice messages to your choice of GroupWise folders to give you more flexibility to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Minimize Administration Effort

Novell is known for its superior administration and robust security performance. Get the flexibility of Unified Messaging combined with GroupWise’s well known metrics for stability, reliability and security. Donoma Unify gives you options to realize the benefits of Unified Messaging coordinated with your existing GroupWise installation. There is no need for re-training your support staff and embarking on frequent patch updates to keep your information systems secure.