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Donoma OneView 3.8 Expands Call Analytics Platform for the Enterprise

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NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10/15/2019 ONEVIEW 3.8 EXPANDS CALL ANALYTICS PLATFORM FOR THE ENTERPRISE Donoma OneView 3.8 UC Analytics platform has released to expand powerful intuitive features requested by organizations with more size and complexity. OneView now offers the option to include insight from Cisco’s most popular call center…

Speech2Txt Now Available in Unify for Gmail 8.8

Unify for Gmail’s 8.8 release is now available!  This release is all about our newest feature: Speech2Txt(TM) and Speech2Txt+. What is Speech2Txt? Now U C it! 😉 Speech2Txt adds a text transcription of your voicemail message delivered to your Gmail inbox. Now you see your voicemail, even before you listen…

Donoma’s Transformation to Microservices: Part 2

In the first discussion of our Strategy and Design Series, we focused on providing context and background on cloud native, as well as our implementation of its principals into our solutions. Here in our second discussion, we’ll focus on one of cloud native’s most important components, microservices. On top of…

Beyond Compliance: The Dawn of Agile Data Retention

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In honor of our latest major release to Donoma StoneScribe: commentary on Adam Famularo’s recent Forbes article: The Evolution of Data Governance  that looks ahead to the real value of communications data governance. Data Retention Needs to Evolve. From its origins in bulky databases sequestered by IT; data retention is poised to…

Strategy & Design Series: Journey to Cloud Native

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Donoma is always striving to improve the customer experience, whether it’s innovative features; or processes that makes our software robust and scalable. This technical series is designed to shed light on how our team is looking ahead and planning for new functionality, more security, more agility, even how Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be woven into our solutions.