Communications Archiving: Government

How Message Vault Helps Government Organizations:

Government agencies are subject to a wide range of regulatory requirements to save and produce electronic communication records.  These can assist in the day to day operations and support timely requests under FOIA, Sunshine Laws and a number of regulations driven by the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA).

Donoma Retention Solutions Deliver:

Compliance:  Records are archived in real time based on user profiles.  Regardless of the end user’s activity, Donoma solutions archives and curates data for the designated time period.

Containment: Donoma retention products are designed as secure self-contained systems with complete audit trails documenting the lifecycle of the data.  Thus records are not subject to charges of contamination which can be claimed when records move between systems.

Speed: Quickly locate specific communication records for download/production, restoration or reporting. Time savings can be tremendous (minutes vs. days) and expense radically reduced.

Reduced storage costs: Because Donoma solutions archive so efficiently, less hardware and  management is needed.

Accountability: The ability to find messages and quickly respond to requests (or accusations) empowers an organization with  information.

Security: Our multi-level administration roles and full activity tracking ensures that there is complete audit trail reporting.

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