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Unify in Action: Bullen Ultrasonics

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

With over 240,000 sq/ft of space in their facility, Bullen employees are often on the move, not tethered to their desks – and Unify for GroupWise has been a big productivity enhancement for them.

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True story: Voicemail as a Defense Tool

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Cam Cole

This is a true example of what can be done with voice mail as a defense tool. The names in this story have been changed, but the story is real.

Once upon a time there was a hard working family man we will call “Bob”. Bob worked a blue collar job for a large firm for several years.  He was successful at this position, paid his dues in life, and was on good terms with most if not everyone he worked with.

One day a report was filed with HR about some alleged wrong doing; nothing criminal mind you but a definite black mark and possibly a firing offense for Bob.  Seemed a co-worker named “Nick”, had reported some alleged policy violations that made Bob, who also happened to be a friend of Nick’s, look like a major screw-up in the workplace.

Now several days later Nick felt horrible about filing this report, falsely accusing Bob of these violations.  Nick called Bob and left a voice mail begging for forgiveness. On the voice mail, Nick confessed that a senior supervisor, one of the very few people who did not like Bob, had threatened his job if he did not falsify the report.  As you can guess this voice message was very damaging evidence against the unscrupulous supervisor who had arranged the entire situation to eliminate Bob.

It’s unfortunate, but on occasion, people lie.  Or their memory does not match the facts. Sure, most people are good and try to do the right thing but sometimes they are misled, coerced and sometimes, just malicious. Being able to produce a voice mail record is a powerful asset.

It is not only litigators or criminal investigators who can use voice mails as evidence.  In this case, voice mail helped resolve an H.R. issue that would have turned into a legal issue, but voice mail can play an important proactive role in lots of areas: from customer service to emergency response.  The intention and tone of the message is not subject to interpretation like it can be in an email.  (There’s a reason why 911 recordings are played so often: they are compelling!)

Now you might be inclined to think “why would I want to save voice mail if it can be so damning?”  You do – for lots of reasons that actually protect your organization rather than harm it:

  • Voice mail became a discoverable record in 2006.  If you are asked for it, you have to produce it.
  • Technology has evolved so that the “difficulty in provision” argument is no longer an easy out for voice mail discovery.
  • Avoid legal censure & penalties for failure to take reasonable steps to preserve.  Waiting until receipt of a subpoena can land you in a lot of expensive legal hot water.
  • Ability to leverage the message & its meta-data to quickly know the facts of an allegation to head off potential problems early.
  • Customer service issue tracking.
  • H.R. support.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (as applicable).

Most organizations understand the logic of the need to archive email communications, yet too many are leaving themselves exposed on voice mail records.

Message Vault can quickly solve this issue.  It provides easy, flexible voice mail archiving for the latest Cisco phone platform.  It enables secure, accountable policy-driven record retention of voice mail, along with the ability to search, filter, restore and report on those message records.  It’s easy to implement and use, and as an added benefit for IT, it offers tremendous storage capacity savings and great administrative support tools to help manage their voice mail.

So be forewarned: What you say can and can be used against you – whether you like it or not!

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Telecom Reseller News Interview: Message Vault

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

It’s up and live…the podcast of our recent interview with Telecom Reseller News, that is.

We spent a few minutes recently with Executive Editor Jeff Own talking about the need for voice mail archiving, and how Message Vault solves this common archiving gap.

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Unify for GroupWise now Supports Latest Unity Connection release

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Quick update from our testing & Q/A lab:

Unify 8.5 for GroupWise now supports Unity Connection 9.1 – the very latest release. We want to make sure that as new releases happen, our products are ready.

If you are running Unify for GroupWise now and would like the update patch that is free for all maintenance customers, please do not hesitate to contact Support to request it.

Unify for Notes keeps Insurance group producitve & connected

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Donoma Unify for Notes is a critical productivity tool for Lawyer’s Professional Indemnity Company (LawPRO).  Having all their critical communications in one place keeps their employees connected and responsive to their clients, while making it very easy for IT to manage.

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New Message Vault update brings even more features

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Our June update of Message Vault will add 3 great new features:

1. Customize hold length on specific messages. Want to vary retention length on specific messages?  Now you can with the click of a mouse.

2. Never miss records, even if systems go offline. If your systems go offline, Message Vault checks all possible locations for interim messages and archives them.

3. Easily move your archive location. If you want to re-locate your Message Vault archive data, it’s a very simple point and click process.

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Announcing a new release: Unify 8.7 for Lotus Notes

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Our team has been hard at work making our Unify 8.7 for Notes release even better with a number of great features geared specifically to help today’s busy professionals stay connected and agile with the convenience of one touch voicemail management.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • Integration with Lotus Sametime – If you use Sametime, now you can get your voicemail notifications in Sametime as well as your Notes or iNotes client.
  • More support for mobile devices – because we support Lotus Traveler, you can now connect your voicemail to your choice of smartphone: Blackberry, iPhone or Android.
  • More call handling options – from the new “click to dial/redial” feature to the ability to redirect the playback of your message, we’ve made a number of enhancements to suit your preferences.
  • Incredible speed and scalability – now up to 10,000 users per server.  High performance and less hardware expense.

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USA Today: IBM Social Media apps can boost productivity

Monday, August 13th, 2012

In some organizations, the benefits of tools to keep people more connected have been undervalued – often looked as being “toys”.  Now as more organizations are embracing more tools in a “social” and collaborative environment, the benefits are becoming increasingly clear, as underscored in this USA Today article on some of the IBM “Ready for Social Media” applications.  We are proud that our Unify for Lotus Notes is a part of this suite of IBM solutions.  Email is still our “go-to” app, and enabling automatic bi-directional synchronization with voicemail is an invaluable productivity boost.  Up to 10 hours per month! (Source: Radacati Group, 2004)

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