Donoma OneView

CDR & Analytics for Cisco Call Manager

Cisco Voice Analytics & Insight Made Easy.

OneView brings our expertise in making it easy to search Cisco Call Manager data to meet a common need; insight & analytics for the Cisco voice traffic that is easy to use and easy to understand.

This solution makes it very easy to gain operational as well as technical insight from Cisco Call Manager: from broad overviews to very specific performance metrics on specific calls.  In turn this data is easy to understand with our graphical reporting options and call detail reporting tools. We even make sure that access to your analytics is role & policy based.

How is OneView better?

OneView provides insight and reporting into all three of the most common call detail analysis areas:

  • Call Quality Analytics
  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Accounting
  • Resource Utilization Reporting (Phone Trunk Line Utilization, % Calls Going to Voicemail, etc)

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to find just the data you need, and then present it graphically to suit the needs of your audience.  The right data formatted for the right audience makes for better decision making and easier troubleshooting.

Additionally, we offer role based data access to ensure that staff have appropriate levels of policy-driven access to data.

Why Users Love it:

  • Gain insight. Easy visibility to all areas of Cisco Call Manager: Call Accounting, Call Detail & Call Quality.
  • Optimize resource allocation.  Reporting features enable optimization of everything from Phone Trunk Line purchases to employee staffing during peak call times.
  • Graphical dashboards & reports.  Data is often more useful when graphical. We make that easy.
  • See activity patterns in real time.  Our patent-pending Call Tracing makes it easy to watch individual or aggregated patterns of activity over specific periods of time.
  • Intuitive to use. Donoma’s signature interfaces are intuitive and powerful.
  • Compound search functionality.  Easily filter data with multiple parameters all at once.
  • Visuals provide a picture. A few clicks provides graphical reports to analyze or present.

Why IT Chooses it:

Fast access to systems performance data for troubleshooting & support.

〉Quickly diagnose performance issues in just a few clicks for fast response.

〉Analyze call tracking & traffic patters for better customer service coverage.

〉Identify where phone calls are more routinely going to voicemail rather than a live person.

〉Optimize hunt group performance.

〉Track employee productivity against targets.

〉No hardware required.

〉Cloud service makes setup fast & easy with feature updates added automatically.

〉Knowledgable, responsive support team who specialize in Cisco.

〉30 Day Free Trial version available.