About Donoma

Donoma embodies a passion for connecting human communications for meaningful operational impact. We streamline diverse communications data for governance, compliance, agility and insight.

Our Roots

Donoma means “new growth”.  It embraces our cultural roots, our love of the great outdoors and our ability to make complex systems elegantly simple; like nature herself.

Donoma sprouted in 2004 to address an unserved need; the need to connect voicemail to email. As companies transitioned to software-driven voice platforms, it became to connect these formerly disparate systems. Our unified messaging solutions were used around the world to help organizations be more responsive as their employees were able to organize and manage their communications to support the rise of mobility and smartphones. We evolved Unified Messaging  with our OneVoice platform that delivers each voicemail with AI-powered translation and transcription.

With rapid growth in business communications to include many new tools beyond mere voicemail and email, the need for archiving of email and an ever-expanding range of  communication records drove our development of communications archiving solutions.  What started as powerfully elegant archiving for very specialized communication data types has evolved into our multi-data cloud-based archiving platform, OneVault. OneVault is making it possible for any size organization to meet, manage and benefit from their data retention needs.

Donoma’s expertise in unified communications technology and our ability to make complex systems intuitively easy to navigate was the inspiration for our OneView communication analytics platform. Especially as organizations are needing to rapidly reconfigure and adjust their communications, staffing and understand changing customer engagement patterns, OneView provides the tools needed to help organizations adapt.

Our spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial focus have fueled our growth. Our deep roots in this field enables us to adapt and innovate with speed and agility to help organizations quickly adapt their communications for meaningful impact.

We’re proud of our team’s diversity. Not only are we geo-diversified across key US innovation hubs but all our leaders are minorities. We are living proof that people with diverse experiences and perspectives can drive innovation.

Meet our Leadership Team

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Our Future Growth

Business communications continue to change, with new tools being adopted to support the changing nature of work, collaboration and all the communications that make that possible. The volume of communications data is exploding. We’re focused on intelligently harnessing and orchestrating communications to ensure organizations have the governance and analytics they need and the agility to adapt to changing communications platforms.
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