About Donoma

Donoma solutions connect people across common barriers. We’re streamlining and integrating communications data with industry-leading platforms. We believe that connection, collaboration and timely insight creates powerful agility for organizations.

After all, there’s nothing more powerful than human connection  for true collaboration.

Our Roots

Donoma. Pronounced like “Sonoma”.

Donoma is a Native American phrase meaning “new growth”. A name that embraces our roots, our love of the great outdoors and a logo that embodies technology’s pattern of continual evolution and growth.

Innovation continually drives new growth, like nature itself.  Donoma embodies our passion for that innovation.  Season after season.

Donoma sprouted in 2004 to address a need for expanded unified messaging offerings. Those early solutions have evolved into our OneVoice platform that delivers unified messaging embedded with AI-powered translation and transcription.

With changing regulations for communications retention and the proliferation of communication channels, organizations needed a way to securely retain new data records. This drove the genesis of our retention platform now known as OneVault. Our expertise in data mining from OneVault naturally led to OneView communication analytics.

Our spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial focus have fueled our growth. Our deep roots in this field enables us to understand both the present shortcomings and future promise of UC platforms.

We’re proud of our diversity. Not only are we geo-diversified across key US innovation hubs but all our leaders are minorities. We are living proof that people with diverse experiences and perspectives can be uniquely agile.

Our Future Growth

Business communications are evolving. The adoption of UC and the volume of communications data is exploding. We’re focused on intelligently harnessing and synthesizing communications to support collaborative work teams.