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OneVault is a data loss prevention & archiving solution that protects your communications data while reducing risk, complexity, and cost.

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Preserve & Protect Your Data While Making it Actionable & Accessible

OneVault’s secure, tamper-proof retention is vital to support organizational resiliency. Even better is how it can help you find key communications in seconds. With role-based security access, your staff can quickly search and review data to perform e-Discovery, incident assessment, even customer service responses. All from an intuitive interface that brings together data from across all the applications you are retaining.

Legal, Compliance and Operations are assured of adherence to retention standards for the entire lifecycle of you data. All your data is encrypted from end to end for additional security. As data reaches the end of its retention life, OneVault automatically shreds the data so it cannot be forensically rehydrated.

Encrypted Tamper-Proof Archiving

Meet Regulatory Retention Requirements

Reduces Costs

Add Data Sources as You Need

Supports Data Migration From Legacy Systems

Cloud or On-Premises Deployment Options

Data Loss Prevention

Fast, Accurate e-Discovery

One Platform for Many Data Sources

Supports Today's Business Continuity Needs

Unlimited Retention Policy Options & Litigation Hold

US-Based Support

Reduce Risk, Cut Costs & Streamline e-Discovery

Faster, Easier e-Discovery

OneVault’s speed and ease of use cuts e-Discovery costs, and minimizes manual work for your staff. It delivers secure flexibility and confidence that deadlines can be met when responding to audits, internal investigations, regulatory and discovery requests.

Proactive Incident Assessment

When faced with litigation, complaint or other issue, it’s vital to have the facts and estimate the risk as soon as possible. OneVault’s speedy cross-platform search functions will help you pinpoint the relevant ESI quickly, review it and make informed decisions quickly.

Data Protection for Business Continuity

Unlike a backup, OneVault’s continuous archiving protects data the moment it is created. Data is encrypted and retained into a secure private cloud, out of reach of ransomware hackers. This ensures an additional layer of data protection and security for business continuity. OneVault’s architecture ensures your team has continuous access to your records 24×7.

One platform for multiple data types

Being able to archive from multiplesystems centralizes and saves time on e-Discovery and review. Exports with chain of custody audit trailstrack output. Support for standardized electronic formats ensure data is presented in a format that’s compliant with FRCP, FOIA and other regulatory requirements.

OneVault Streamlines Regulatory Compliance


Automate the retention of electronic records and meet the requirements outlined in FINRA rules 3110, 4511, 8210, SEC Rule 17a-4 and Regulatory Notice 17-18 (Financial) and 31 CFR 50.81 (Insurance). Centralize the retention of email, group or 1:1 chat messages, voicemail and video call recordings and solve search, retention, and production challenges across all your communications platforms.


Respond to FOIA and regulatory requests faster without involving IT. OneVault reduces the time and cost of responding to FOIA and State Open Records requests with blazing fast searches and auditable records export/delivery.OneVault makes it easy to

meet NARA’s records management requirements with auditable data lifecycle management and secure sanitation and disposal.


Meet retention requirements outlined in HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, ensure data integrity, and protect PHI from unauthorized access. OneVault’s policy-driven automated archiving eliminates human error, improves productivity, saves time, and significantly reduces search & production costs. OneVault’s layered unlimited security roles make it easy to manage users’ level of access to the archived data.


Cut FERPA and FRCP compliance costs as OneVault reduces the time and cost of responding to FOIA requests. Meet FRCP, FERPA, HEOA and other regulatory requirements, preventing liability issues for your institution.OneVault archiving modernizes electronic records management, prevents data loss, and reduces costs. An archive for email & communications is the solution for school districts and universities retain electronic communications, monitor employee and student communication for policy violations, and gain insight.

Trusted for Data Security & Operational Resiliency.
Loved for Delivering Actionable Insight & Agility.


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Trusted for Data Security & Operational Resiliency.
Loved for Delivering Actionable Insight & Agility.

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