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Beyond Compliance: The Dawn of Agile Data Retention

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With the recent major new feature releases on our OneVault archiving platform, it seemed timely to revisit Adam Famularo’s Forbes article: The Evolution of Data Governance. This analysis looked ahead to the real value of communications archiving & governance that stands the passage of a few years time since it was first…

Introducing OneVoice: Transcription & Translation for Voicemail

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Introducing Voicemail Transcription & Translation for Cisco Donoma OneVoice builds on Donoma’s decade of expertise in Unified Messaging solutions. OneVoice delivers very high quality transcription of voicemail directly to a user’s Microsoft or Google email account. OneVoice is the answer for cost effective multi-lingual transcription and translation for Cisco.  Voicemail is…

Understanding Spoliation: A Real World Example

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What is Spoliation? No, it’s not spelled wrong. Pronounced “spot-lee-ation”,  spoliation of evidence is often used during the process of civil litigation. It arises when one side suspects or uncovers that the other party has deliberately, negligently or accidentally destroyed evidence relevant to the case. The spoliation doctrine is invoked when…

Message Vault Delivers Compliance & Customer Service Support

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Customer service is a critical competitive differentiation factor for Virginia insurance agency Humphrey, Stump & Haynie.  They needed Message Vault voicemail archiving to meet key FINRA compliance requirements, manage IT resources, and use its rapid e-Discovery capabilities to provide a more informed customer service response. Situation Humphrey, Stump & Haynie…

Donoma OneVault Making Multi-Data Archiving Attainable

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Enhancements enable companies to centrally archive and manage multiple data types, provide greater data security, business continuity, and meet expanding privacy regulations Donoma Software today announced a new release of their OneVault  multi-data archiving platform. OneVault enables organizations to centrally archive and manage an expanding range of important business data. OneVault…

2021 Update: Voicemail Archiving Now Mainstream

voicemail archiving
Voicemail Archiving: 2017 vs 2021 Back in 2017 when we first wrote about archiving voicemail, we posed the question: was that going to be the year that voicemail retention would become mainstream? Message Vault has been archiving voicemail since 2013. When it was first introduced, it was for a very…

Donoma’s Transformation to Micro-Services

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Beena Jacob, Chief Technology Officer In my first discussion of Donoma’s transformation to cloud native application delivery, I focused on providing context on cloud native. That discussion was designed to help those still skeptical of the benefits to gain a better understanding of why cloud based SaaS applications are the industry…

Donoma’s Journey to Cloud Native Application Delivery

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Cloud Native Explanation Like an Elephant
Beena Jacob, Chief Technology Officer Moving Donoma’s products to be cloud native has been a major focus for the past 2 years. Why? Because it provides a number of enhancements: better customer experience, features innovation, greater application stability, greater scalability. In this article, I am sharing the strategy behind a…