Consolidated Archiving for Email & Communications Data

Centralized Communications Archiving

Secure Multi-Data-type Retention From One Interface

OneVault provides archiving and records management for today’s expanding electronic communications. One interface manages your retention for a range of communications. Email, Chat, Audio and Voicemail records are centralized and accessible from a single interface. This makes the e-Discovery process secure, accountable and best of all, intuitive to use.

OneVault incorporates our already well-known archiving solutions (Message Vault, StoneScribe and MediaScribe) and now archives a much broader range of data types.

OneVault balances usability with security and accountability

All data is automatically retained, organized and decommissioned according to customized retention policies. Metadata, workflows and chain of custody detail powers behind an intuitive user experience.

Now it is easy for designated personnel to find records needed. Whether for reference, e-Discovery or other needs; data is easy to locate and produce. Legal, Compliance and Operations are reassured of consistent policy application. IT enjoys more streamlined server and storage usage.

  • Quickly locate multiple record types from one intuitive interface.
  • Access to data is controlled according to managed user security levels.
  • Secure, effective retention built for today’s agile environment.
  • Keyword SmartActionsTM & Workflows and tagging features make review workflows automated with real-time notifications.

Manage Risk and Liability
Effectively mitigate risk while meeting industry regulations and corporate policies.
Meet compliance requirements of FINRA, SEC, HIPAA & more.
Address common legal needs for litigation holds and e-Discovery.

Get More Done in Less Time
Reduce expense and manpower to find key communication records.
Communications are retained with helpful context & related attachments.

Track and Record the Details
Smart Keyword SmartActions provide alerts, tagging and workflow automation.
These Smart Workflows make communications more actionable with less time and effort.

Secure Retention
Keep data in real-time, complete with context and attachments.
Enhanced Data Integrity & encryption.
Prove your data is retained, protected and destroyed according to policies & standards.

OneVault is the ideal solution for secure archiving and retention for today’s environments spanning multiple communication systems and data types.

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