Complete Data Protection for Today's Business Continuity

Relying on an outdated backup solution can be terminal to your organization. The problem of ransomware is pervasive. It is not IF you will experience an incident, it’s a matter of WHEN. You need a solution that prepares in advance for a fast recovery. FlxStore delivers complete data protection and control for ALL your data: local, cloud and workstations. Its holistic approach delivers business continuity and helps meet today’s higher standards and scrutiny from insurance carriers, clients and supply chain reviews.

FLxStore delivers flexible data protection options for a more complete backup.

Work environments have changed. Many employees are working at least part of the time outside the office and more an more data is housed in cloud applications. Many of these cloud services (notably Microsoft 365) rely on a Shared Responsibility Model that obligates users to ensure their data is backed up. FLxStore works to protect and manage your data no matter where it is located. FLxStore’s flexible configuration options help you protect it all:

  • FLxStore Backup
  • FLxStore Data Backup
  • FLxStore Workstation Backup 
  • FLxStore Geo-Diverse Repository Services
  • FLxStore Immutable Storage

No matter what options you choose, FLxStore provides some of the fastest Return to Operations metrics in the industry.

With FLxStore, is more than backup, it’s business continuity.

Business Continuity & Incident Readiness

FLxStore protects your data where it lives today. That can span from local servers to the cloud and employee workstations. FLxstore makes it easy for you to protect and manage all your data. With RTO statistics of as fast as 15 minutes, FLxStore provides proven incident response readiness: large scale or small.

Protect Your Valuable Data Assets

FLxStore protects your data with encryption, cloud replication and available Immutable Storage. All backed by our USA based SOC-2 data centers.

Maintain Data Management, Access & Control

Many BaaS solutions isolate you from your data. Not FLxStore. With LFxStore you have access and control to your data so you can perform your own restores, or keep the option to have our team handle those requests. You get to choose your options and your configuration’s architecture. We even provide maintenance-free appliances as part of server backup subscriptions so you get the benefit of rapid network speed along with management autonomy.

Gain Additional Readiness with FLxDR Failover Services

For organizations needing to include a secondary failover site as part of their incident readiness plan we offer FLxDR: our DR as a Service option. FLxDR integrates with FLxStore to provide partial or full failover of compute workloads in the event your primary sites are offline. After all, what good is a backup if you have nowhere to restore it during an outage? With FLxDR, the backup copy in our data center moves into a primary mode ready to power your high priority applications until your primary locations are back online.


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