Cost Effective Data Protection for Business Continuity & Data Security

FLxStore offers the best of backup best practices with a hybrid-cloud solution powered by Veeam. It combines the speed and control of on-premise backup with geo-diverse private cloud repositories. All at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Your Aging Data Backup System is Becoming a Liability

According to industry statistics, more than 50% of data backups are either never tested, or fail to restore when tested. Your customers, vendors and especially your insurance company expect a proven data protection solution to ensure your business can survive an outage or ransomware event.

Relying on an outdated backup solution is a costly and risky strategy. (Learn more on the Blog “5 Ugly Truths About Data Backups”) You need a backup solution built for today’s data protection challenges.  One that ensures fast recovery that doesn’t rely on just one storage medium or location. FLxStore is a customizable backup service that can encompass back for servers (on premises and cloud), end user workstations (even if working remote) and geo-diverse repository and immutable storage options.

FLxStore offers cost effective data protection ready for the challenges of today’ threat-intensive environment. One copy of your server data is retained on your company’s site like a traditional backup system via a maintenance-free appliance(s) included with your subscription. Then a secondary copy is automatically replicated to our private cloud for geo-diverse protection. Because it incorporates industry-leading technology from Veeam, You not only get complete protection, but the fastest Return to Operation capabilities in the industry. 

With FLxStore, you get security + control

  • Automatic replication to a private cloud puts a copy of your backup out of reach of ransomware attacks.
  • Very fast RTO/RPO, in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Backups are securely replicated to a private cloud away from hackers’ encryption efforts.
  • Maintenance-free backup appliance INCLUDED in all subscriptions.
  • Award-winning user interface makes data management easy and intuitive.
  • You always maintain control & access to your backups.
  • SOC-2 certified private data centers,
  • Our private data centers provide geo-diversity for your backups and can also act as geo-diverse replication repositories for existing Veeam backup clients.

FLxStore ensures you are proactively prepared for data loss threats,  while also providing cost savings & peace of mind. No matter which configuration you choose, you get the fastest Return to Operations metrics in the industry, geo-diversity and complete control.

Gain Additional Readiness with FLxDR

For organizations needing to include a secondary failover site in the event of an outage, we offer FLxDR. With FLxDR we help organizations assess their system priorities and craft a failover strategy for their needs. FLxDR provides integrates with FLxStore (or customer’s existing Veeam subscription) to provide partial or full off-site replication of compute workloads for emergency failover situations. After all, what good is a backup if you have nowhere to restore it during an outage. FLxStore and FLxDR provide strong solutions for business continuity and Return to Operation SLAs increasingly required by clients, vendors and insurance carriers.

Data backup built for today's business continuity challenges.

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