OneVoice: Multi-Language Messaging for Today’s Global Community

OneVoice: Voice-Powered Connection


Unified Messaging was just the beginning. OneVoice streamlines human communications for better understanding.  When people understand each other, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.    
We live in a multi-cultural work environment.

OneVoice elegantly makes voice communications visual with transcription, and removes language barriers with translation. It’s not just unified messaging with Donoma, it’s powerful communication.

Seamless. Integrated. Automatic. 

OneVoice dynamically synchronizes voice messages between supported communication platforms. It autosenses language for transcription and can also translate communications between 100+ languages and dialects. A single email provides everything in one place. 

OneVoice connects people across common barriers for faster understanding, connection and collaboration.

Voicemail is Now Visual—in Multiple Languages

OneVoice’s Speech2Txt features provides a text-based preview of the voicemail message all within the message delivery email.  Now it’s easy to discretely preview message content. Speech2Txt supports multi-language transcription options too.

Span the Communications Gap with Language Translation

OneVoice supports over 100 languages for translation.  Select your language needs, and OneVoice will include a translation within the same message.  

Supported Platforms: OneVoice is currently available for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Gmail platforms connected to Cisco Unity Connection.

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