OneVoice: Your Voicemail, Now Visual & Multi-Language

OneVoice: Your Voicemail, Now Visualized


Voicemail is changing
Like email, it’s still an important communication capability. But why settle for mere voicemail delivery when you can both hear and see your voicemails?

There is a better solution
OneVoice seamlessly synchronizes your voicemail with supported email platforms [Gmail, Exchange 2016, O365]. The moment a message arrives, it’s immediately accessible. You get notification, playback and Speech2TxtTM message transcription, all in one place.

OneVoice dynamically updates the message status at every endpoint. Deleted messages delete on all devices, while read messages update the Message Waiting Indicator on the handset.

OneVoice is leading the way with next generation features users want today.

Access your messages via phone handset or email client — whatever is most appropriate at the time.

Voicemail is now Visual
Our Speech2Txt options add the ability to discretely preview voicemail message contents right within the same message.

  • Speech2Txt provides transcription for messages under 30 seconds.
  • Speech2Txt+TM offers transcription for messages up to 2 minutes and supports up to 3 languages for transcription.
  • Speech2Txt-eTM offers up to 5 minutes of transcription and extended functionality.

Multi-Language Support
Our message transcription provides over 25 languages to choose from.  Up to 3 can be configured for transcription at any given time.

Keep the Team Connected
OneVoice offers convenience and efficiency. It’s perfect for employees without an office phone and employees rarely in their office. Your staff can be more responsive with email as their communications command center.

Easy to Manage
OneVoice is easy to provision & manage. Dynamic cleanup eliminates stored communications that can consume grooming time and storage. While it is available for on premise or cloud, cloud service removes hardware expense and requires no extra support resources. Set up of users is easy; with options for automated provisioning

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