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Overview of OneView

Built to Provide Visibility for Executives & Answers for IT

OneView’s roots are from solving a business insight problem posed by a frustrated CEO. He’d invested in a business development strategy that just was not producing results. He wanted to be able to quickly look into data he knew his Cisco communications platform was generating to independently assess the situation with impartial data. The CEO wanted to see if the call volumes being reported matched up with actual activity.

Gaining insight into hard data on activity volume and utilization of expensive headcount was not possible in any meaningful format. Nor was he comfortable involving IT personnel in pulling data for a strategic analysis that might have personnel performance implications.

The CEO knew that Donoma’s archiving & retention products made it very easy to find communications data. Could Donoma’s intuitive search and filter interface be applied to a different type of communication record to solve his problem?

The answer was yes, and OneView was born.

Understand Your Communication Flows for Engagement, Efficiency & Effectiveness

In today’s ever-changing digital business landscape, understanding and optimizing your customers’ experience connecting with your organization is vital. Though there are many different ways to communicate, phone calls remain the conduit that propel an organization’s highest priorities. Performance insight is critical.

OneView makes it very easy to gain operational as well as technical insight from your Cisco Call Manager and Contact Center systems: from broad overviews to very granular performance metrics.

Call Detail Reporting? That’s just the beginning with Donoma OneView.

Sure, OneView provides outstanding resources and tools to help your IT team gain rapid insight and CDR capabilities; but we take it further. OneView drives insight for operational efficiencies, increased sales, and better customer service. Now organizations can quickly gain meaningful insights such as:

  • Call volumes by person, hunt group or department
  • How many calls abandon before they speak to a person?
  • Are calls being handled efficiently within a work team – or are a few people carrying the bulk of the effort?
  • Are various lines staffed according to peak call times?
  • What are the usage patterns for lines, even phone system resources?
  • What’s the adoption rate of new call system resources?
  • How long are they on the phone with your team?

OneView delivers actionable insight for better business decisions.

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OneView Analytics for Common KPI Challenges:

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Gain Insight into In-Bound Call Responsiveness & Hunt Groups

In every organization, there are processes that are driven by phone communication. Ensuring a high-quality experience, and limiting the percentage of calls going to voicemail, can make a critical difference.

That’s why teams of employees are often set up to be able to share phone coverage responsibility, what’s known as “hunt groups”. Incoming calls ring amongst the team, “hunting” for someone to answer. This makes it easier for a team to work together to provide responsive coverage.

The reality is that often there can be performance gaps within a group that can be hard to quantify. OneView can help you:

  • Understand the volume of calls handled by each employee
  • Identify employees who fall outside the group’s performance norms
  • Identify peak call times and associated coverage
  • Analyze the amount of calls ending up in voicemail, and when the most calls are going to voicemail

Identify Call Performance Issues Faster & Reduce Cost

OneView has a variety of features to make technical support easier, faster and cheaper:

  • Performance alerts
  • Threshold alerts
  • Flexible automated reports
  • Easy access to call detail

This can provide technical insight into common problem areas:

  • Utilization of PRI/SIP trunks
  • Complete call quality insight

With OneView, IT can see problems proactively and drill down into very specific data about a call and its lifecycle. This enables richer insight and faster response to reduce negative impact and expense.

Easy Communications Report Creation from both Call Manager & UCCX

OneView offers the option to pull in analytics from Cisco UCCX call center along with Call Manager Data. From one console, all call activity is accessible. Now it’s easy to select and integrate all types of call data into dashboards, views and reports. The report library and the ability to automate report creation and delivery, makes analysis flexible and easy.

Quantify & Analyze Employee Productivity

Functions such as, Sales and Customer Service, are most effective when callers can connect to people, not voicemail. This applies to inbound as well as outbound call activity. In these environments, managers want insight on:

  • How well is their team handling inbound calls?
  • Are they staffed to handle peak call times?
  • Are calls being quickly returned?
  • What percentage of calls end up in voicemail?
  • Are performance objectives being met?

Up to this point, all these very important metrics have only been available within a call center. Yet, a call center isn’t the only place where phone conversations have a strong impact.

OneView provides secure access for department managers to assess their team’s performance. OneView’s intuitive interface helps managers gain insight without IT intervention.

Analytics & Reporting for Cost Allocation

Organizations need tools to allot communication costs with speed and transparency. OneView’s Call Accounting reporting makes it easy to capture and download resource usage. But that’s not all. OneView’s reporting features provide insight and identify opportunities for cost control. Examples are:

  • Analytics on PRI & SIP line usage informs efficient Telco contract negotiations.
  • Identify redundant resources for re-allocation and/or elimination of expense.

These are just two examples of how clients can gain insight, cost control and efficiency with OneView.

Understand & Visualize the Customer Experience with Call FlowAnimation

OneView streamlines the 3 common performance silos for Cisco phone systems:

  • Call Detail
  • Call Quality
  • Call Accounting

OneView’s Analytics, Reporting & Animated Call Flow Insight features support better business decisions.

Analytics & Reports:

OneView has always made it easy to create compelling reports, complete with graphics. Flexible reporting options make it easy to set up automated report delivery. Need something different? The web-based interface and easy meus make it quick and easy to drill through the details to the answers. Want to see it again? Easily save it as a report for next time.

Call Lifecycle Tracing & Flow Animation

Now, OneView takes call lifecycle tracking to a new level with Call Flow Animation. Now it is possible to analyze the flow of calls with animation that replays activity in an easy to understand visual animation. Call Flow Animation makes it easy to gain insights that are not possible in a report.

Alerts Ensure Your Team is Aware of Current Issues

You can’t be everywhere at once, seeing where calls are rolling to voicemail on key lines, or 911 is dialed.  Yet OneView’s configurable alerts will notify of any configured alert scenario as soon as it happens.

These alerts can trigger awareness of situations such as:

  • If a 911 call is made, who made it. (Particularly helpful with multiple locations)
  • Voicemail left for an absent employee
  • Voicemail left on an extension tied to an advertising campaign
  • Voicemail left on an extension for high priority response or support
  • Voicemail left on a high priority customer service line
  • See when your telco line utilization reaches specific thresholds

Any activity related to calls, voicemail or system performance thresholds can have an associated alert. 

Drive Better Decisions

  • Quickly gain insight with an intuitive interface.
  • Optimize resource allocation.
  • Graphical dashboards & reports.
  • Animated call activity in real time for more insight.
  • Track employee productivity against targets.
  • Easy Report Customization.
  • Automated Report Delivery.

Responsive Technical Troubleshooting

  • Fast access to systems performance data.
  • Quickly diagnose performance issues.
  • Analyze call tracking & traffic patterns.
  • Accountable resource utilization.
  • Customizable Operations & Compliance Reporting.
  • Cloud service makes setup fast & support easy.

View our Video Gallery for More Information

Want to learn more about OneView? Check out our short explainer videos below! The videos show how OneView delivers insight into in-bound call responsiveness, helps you identify call performance issues faster, provides understanding and visualization of the customer experience with call flow animation, and much more.

Gain Insight into In-Bound Call Responsiveness & Hunt Groups

Identify Call Performance Issues Faster & Reduce Cost

Quantify & Analyze Employee Productivity

Analytics & Reporting for Cost Allocation

Understand & Visualize the Customer Experience with Call Flow Animation

Alerts Ensure Your Team is Aware of Current Issues

OneView Call Center Integration

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