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Donoma OneView 3.8: Latest Release Adds Call Center & Enterprise Features

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Donoma OneView 3.8 is now available and we’re excited to see how the platform is making data analytics accessible and useful for line of business managers as well as IT staff.  This release expands the power of our easy to use interface to incorporate more advanced capabilities including UCCX Call Center integration and support for tracking analytics across a geo-diverse enterprise.

Built to Provide Visibility for Executives

OneView was built first to solve a business insight problem posed by a frustrated CEO.  He’d invested in a business development strategy that just was not producing results.  He wanted to be able to quickly look into data he knew his Cisco communications platform was generating to independently assess the situation with impartial data.  The CEO wanted to see if the call volumes being reported matched up with actual activity.

Gaining insight into hard data on activity volume and utilization of expensive headcount was not possible in any meaningful format.  Nor was he comfortable involving IT personnel in pulling data for a strategic analysis that might have personnel performance implications.

The CEO knew that Donoma’s archiving & retention products made it very easy to find communications data.  Could Donoma’s intuitive search and filter interface be applied to a different type of communication record to solve his problem?

The answer was yes, and OneView was born.

Operationally Focused…

OneView is unique in its ability to provide insight for two very different audiences. It’s ease of use is perfect for the operational managers. That same ease of use helps IT with alerts, trunk line optimization and very fast access to performance data for any call.

Before OneView, if a business manager wanted to gain insight related to communications, they could not get it themselves. They had to explain what they wanted to IT and wait for results. What data could be pulled was expensive to extract, with very raw output with no context. IT understands the voice platform and its technical intricacies. Understanding a manager’s views, objectives and needs is not their area of expertise. Not an ideal scenario for agile decision making.

With OneView, managers and analysts can customize reports and views for their department or line of business. OneView’s intuitive interface makes it easy to produce insight where and when it is needed.

…With Powerful Functionality for IT

OneView continues to have a great deal to offer for IT too. OneView makes it easy to drill down into call performance data to identify technical issues. The speed and ease of accessing call detail has saved clients time and money. Problems with calls can be easily traced and diagnosed. No more guesswork. If there’s a problem with either side of a call, it is clearly evident in OneView which side of the call is having the issues.

Many organizations find particular value with OneView’s ability to optimize data-line usage versus data line provisioning. OneView layers real time call volume data against trunk line provisioning levels. It’s a powerful tool for right-sizing communication line purchases. Organizations have instant ROI on their OneView subscription on this feature alone.

3.8 Release: Expanded Insight + Call Center Data Integration

Donoma OneView 3.8 now integrates insight from your Cisco UCCX call center. Feedback told us that people want to integrate data from both platforms. From one console, all call activity is accessible. Now it’s easy to select and integrate all types of call data into dashboards, views and reports. The report library and the ability to automate report creation and delivery, makes analysis flexible and easy.

Insight across locations, time-zones, and clusters

Turning communications activity into actionable data visualizations is what makes OneView unique. The call flow animations in particular have made it easy to see real time activity by person, team or conference line but all the associated call quality data. Now, in this release, OneView is delivering Enterprise level call analytics. For organizations with calls that flow across locations, insight continues seamlessly. OneView tracks call flows across a geo-diverse enterprise that may be processing thousands of calls per day.

OneView continues to innovate to help your team make better decisions, faster.

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Speech2Txt Now Available in Unify for Gmail 8.8

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019


Unify for Gmail’s 8.8 release is now available!  This release is all about our newest feature: Speech2Txt(TM) and Speech2Txt+.

What is Speech2Txt? Now U C it! 😉

Speech2Txt adds a text transcription of your voicemail message delivered to your Gmail inbox. Now you see your voicemail, even before you listen to it!

Don’t you hate seeing a voicemail arrive when you can’t listen, and not know what the message is about?

You recognize the caller, you may even be expecting time sensitive information from them.  Or it may be something that can be addressed later.  Who knows?

Now you can discretely preview your voicemails to know for sure.

Special Launch Offer: Get it for Free

All clients currently running Unify for Gmail as a cloud subscription are eligible to receive Speech2Txt for the rest of their subscription’s term.

All new clients purchasing Unify for Gmail as a cloud subscription can get Speech2Txt add on at no charge for the first year of their subscription purchase.  

Current client upgrade requests must be made to by September 30, 2019. All new purchases must be made by October 31, 2019.

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How Does it Work?

Speech2Txt is an AI-powered transcription service.  It brings the functionality you likely already enjoy as part of your cellphone service to your corporate voicemail.  We’re giving your Cisco voice platform even more value!

As soon as a voicemail is recorded, it is transcribed in seconds. Your familiar email-powered voicemail arrives with the associated transcription within seconds.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Speech2Txt offers transcription on the first 30 seconds of each voicemail.  For those needing up to 5 minutes of transcription per message, we also offer Speech2Txt+.
  • Speech2Txt is an optional add on for Unify for Gmail.  We suspect everyone will want it, but we are providing flexibility for those who don’t want this option, or are running an unsupported version of Unify for Gmail.

More Languages & Idea Sharing!

Speech2Txt is currently offering English-only transcriptions in this release, but we are already planning options for additional languages in the near future.  We want your input on which languages to prioritize!


We’ll share the results on our social media pages, along with fun use-case challenges and discussion.  To join in, connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn and use the hashtag #speech2txt

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We mention unsupported versions of Unify for Gmail.  By this we currently mean Speech2Txt is available for those running our cloud subscription version of Unify for Gmail.  Given the price changes on the horizon for our on-premise version of Unify for Gmail, now might be the perfect time to migrate to the cloud subscription.

Now’s the time to start seeing even more productivity from your unified messaging!  

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StoneScribe’s Spring ’19 Release: You Asked, We’re Delivering

Monday, May 6th, 2019

StoneScribe’s Spring 19 Release Heralds Big Changes

Seven years ago, Donoma Software released our first version of StoneScribe to address the very real gap we saw in the market for secure retention of Cisco Jabber XMPP data. Based on our prior experience building solutions to retain voicemail data, we saw a need not to just fill a niche gap, but to build a more agile retention platform. One that could be both secure and easy to use, by people outside of IT. We saw the opportunity to make the data more useful throughout an organization. So, we focused. Refined our architecture. Listened to the challenges of our clients. Embraced cloud and host of new security needs.

With our latest release, we take all that we have learned and we’re ready to deliver what the market has asked for:  StoneScribe’s ability, security and agility with more integration.

Innovation: with a Link to Legacy

With this newest release, we are opening up StoneScribe to deliver on this vision. We are embracing communication streams beyond Cisco Jabber. All while making it easy to integrate with legacy data repositories.

Want to learn more?  Join us Thursday, May 9th at 2 PM Eastern when we’ll discuss what makes this release so powerful and where we plan to go from here.

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Learn more: Beyond Compliance: The Dawn of Agile Data Retention



Unify for Gmail Now Delivers Multi-Domain Support!

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Why is this a big deal? Greater manageability from one administration console and the ability to aggregate licenses for greater discounts.

Now with the capability of Multi-Domain Support, organizations running Unify for Gmail have the ability to distribute the product across all domains associated on a G-Suite account.

OneView Fall 18 Release: It’s All About the Analytics

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Donoma OneView is a powerful, user-friendly analytics platform for your Cisco Call Manager and Contact Center voice system.

In our Fall release, we are introducing new features that focus on analytics, insight and integration of UC activity across an entire organization, even integrating call activity in your Cisco Call Center.

OneView analytics are easy to use, easy to automate and help organizations quantify and optimize  the ROI on their Cisco UC system.   We’re not just providing a better CDR system for IT – we’re empowering line of business managers to have the insight they never dreamed was possible such as:

  • Call volumes by person, hunt group or department
  • How many calls abandon before they speak to a person?
  • Are calls  being handled efficiently within a work team – or are a few people carrying the bulk of the effort?
  • Are various lines staffed according to peak call times?
  • What are the usage patterns for lines, even phone system resources?
  • What’s the adoption rate of new call system resources?
  • How long are customers on hold?  How long are they on the phone with your team?

We’re on a mission with OneView to help everyone make better decisions and solve a growing list of KPI challenges.

Join us via Webex on October 25 at 10 AM (Eastern US & Pacific US) to learn more and see OneView’s patent-pending new features.

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More About OneView

More Productivity Features Now Available in Unify for Gmail

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Donoma Unify for Gmail’s latest 8.7.5 release brings productivity enhancements for both end-users and IT administrators.

End-users now have additional response options: Click to Call links within the message makes it easy to launch a return call from within the email; and replying directly back to the message sender within the email client is even easier.

IT Administrators will enjoy the support for Active Directory to bring in and auto-link users, and the web-based Administration portal has been upgraded to offer latest security protocols and browser support options.

Clients can schedule their update by contacting and our team will schedule a time with you.

Tired of Telco Reporting Runaround? OneView Introduces Trunk Line Utilization Reporting

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

We’re blushing.  Just a bit.

It’s Valentine’s Day and what better day to give a gift?  Today we introduce a new feature for our OneView CDR & Analytics solution for Cisco:  Trunk Line Utilization Reporting.

For all of you who have always wanted to know how your phone system’s utilization of lines matches up with your telco line expenditures, OneView’s latest new feature is a feature you will fall in love with.  Now you can easily see peak utilization times, details and durations – matched up against your line provisioning.  Now you can be sure your phone lines are optimized based on real time data right at your fingertips.

Want to learn more?  Give us a call, or talk to your Cisco integrator.  We’ll be happy to show you how OneView making communications analytics useful with data-driven insight for better decisions and  better organizational performance.




2018: Voicemail Retention to Become Mainstream?

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Retention & management of voicemails is an increasingly common conversation within even un-regulated organizations.  Ever since unified messaging made it possible to email a voicemail; managing voicemails has become a challenge.

When it comes to voicemail, we’ve seen a couple of key management issues:
  • IT wants to groom the mailbox disk usage by keeping mailbox size small and retention short.
  • Legal, HR, Safety and other stakeholders have regular needs to keep voicemails as documentation.
  • Voicemail systems don’t make it easy to find specific voicemails, and there is no access control.
  • Voicemails archived with email via unified messaging don’t always come back out of the archive as expected.
  • Unified messaging archiving overwrites metadata often needed during production.
  • Protecting privacy, trade secrets or other privileged information is not possible when sharing a raw voicemail file.
 Clearly, the unified messaging archive is not the answer.  In fact, these challenges are exactly the reasons we applied our unified messaging expertise to develop Message Vault.    
2018 looks to be a big year for the management of voicemail records.  An increasing array of regulations are now expecting and examining for voicemail records.  More are specifically addressing issues such as retention for up to 7 years, but swept off mobile devices within 14 days . (HIPPA & Method II, for example.)  
Voicemail retrieval efforts from unified messaging archives have surfaced the challenges noted above.  And this is not strictly a matter of regulatory compliance. Voicemails often need to be quickly located, redacted and then communicated to address Safety and HR issues.
Message Vault is already on the job helping organizations address these issues; but we never rest on our efforts.  Our latest release adds features such as File Shredding (DoD level) of records upon their retirement, expanded integration with Microsoft Active Directory for role management, and more.
Want to learn more?  Let’s discuss your organization’s voicemail retention challenges and help you address them.

Unify for Gmail Product Update: Now Supports Unity Connection 11.5

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Donoma Unify for Gmail and Unify for Gmail Academic Lite (cloud service and on premise options) now support Cisco Unity Connection 11.5.


Introducing OneView:  Call Detail Reporting & Analytics for Cisco

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Have you been searching for a solution to make it easy to gain insight into your organization’s use of your Cisco phone system? Whether you are:

  • a phone system engineer needing to quickly pin point call problems,
  • an executive seeking to assess call volumes in and out of various departments, or
  • an accountant looking to track calling accounting data,

Donoma OneView makes it easy to gain insight into your Cisco phone system.  Call Detail analytics helps to resolve problems faster, improve service levels, and leverage insight for operational improvement.

OneView offers the ease of use and role-based access control that we’ve become known for with our Compliance & Archiving solutions.  With just a few clicks you can find the data you need, even create a graphical report for one time use or scheduled updates.

  • Graphical system performance dashboards.
  • Flexible reports that span multiple data views. (Quality, Detail, Accounting)
  • Customized system performance alerts & metrics.
  • Lightning fast searches.
  • Call data that can span from summary to technically detailed.

For pricing, demonstration, or a free 30 day trial, contact us or your local Cisco integration partner today!

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